On the Road Again-Oaxaca, Mexico

I know you think we are crazy, but let me explain the scenario.  When Greg agreed to work at the Wilson Botanic Garden in Costa Rica we knew it was a 9 month position.  Rather than leaving our house in Chapel Hill ,NC vacant for that time period, we rented it out furnished for a year.  Thus we are without a home base until March 1.  

With this in mind, Greg researched places of interest to spend the month of January and came up with Oaxaca.  He did a great job!  The above photo is of the 2000 year old ruins at Monte Alban which is an absolutely humongous archeological site near Oaxaca.  We have been to Tulum and Chihen Itza ruins in Mexico in the past and they are minuscule compared to the physical scope of this!  It is mind boggling  to imagine this enormous stone complex being built by HAND.  The scale of this is hard to imagine but it took 2 hours to explore.

One of the major attractions of this area are the handmade textile crafts.  Costa Rica was sadly lacking in artistry and craftwork and we are happily exploring ( and buying) Mexican textile art.  These rugs/wall hangings were made by hand.  By that I mean that the raw wool was processed into yarn, hand dyed, hand designed and hand woven!  Phenomenal!  We met the people who made these. The red ones were done by a different person than the orange rug.  Now we just have to figure out how to fit them in the suitcases!IMG_2475.jpg

We also saw many Alebrije which are hand carved and hand painted wooden figures.  Many are animals but we saw just about anything you can think of.  We got a couple of small ones, but at this beautiful Airbnb we are staying in there is the biggest and most beautiful of all.

IMG_2482.jpgSo Happy New Year to all and I hope to hear about your adventures too!









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One thought on “On the Road Again-Oaxaca, Mexico”

  1. It sounds like craft paradise! I want to go now and bring back bushel bags of beautiful things…but I know they are not inexpensive. Those animals, for example, were quite expensive at the international crafts fair I go to every year in Santa Ana, near San Jose. One has to go directly to the artists themselves. Lucky you!


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