On the Road Agin-Costa Rica

IMG_1491.jpgIt is facinating to try to grasp what others think of as beautiful.  I’m not a bug person, come on I’m from Longmeadow, so when I hear joy and excitement over a bug I am in disbelief.  Now granted a hooded mantis-thank you Jo for looking it up for me-is cool looking and a pretty color but I don’t think I want it inside!

Talk around the on site dining room will vary from scientific ponderings of hummingbirds, heliconias, flocks ( which I later learned she was talking about birds) pollinators, mosquito borne illnesses, zika, malaria, applying and minute tracking devices on birds.  You getting the idea.  Much of it I find interesting but I have to admit I have excused myself feeling queasy.  IMG_1496.jpgThe other thing that I periodically notice is how nature blind I am.  I tend to overlook what’s staring me in the face as geography.  Today I took out my trusted camera (read iPhone) and made a point to try to SEE what’s around me.  Funny how it seems as though I suddenly see what has been around all the time.  Along the same lines as color blind I would imagine, only my nature blindness is correctable, thank goodness.  

Now I do see people which is a relief.  In Costa Rica I see people of indigenous origin who speak their own dialect and make their own dresses as well as for daughters of bright fabric with braided trim.  I see people here for birding and nature experiences wearing Columbia hiking pants and shirts to match, or not as the case may be.  Rain boots, Keens and headlamps often complete the ensemble.  Not to mention the binoculars and cameras with lenses the length of an elephant’s trunk!  Then of course there are the data recorders who note the species, location, size and color for their personal bird diary.IMG_1499.jpg

As you can see, I stole the picture from the internet, which I personally love because I get to see the birds without all the mess and bother of birding.  So much for Miss Nature….

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Living in Costa Rica

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