On the Road Again-Costa Rica 

When we think of a foreign country we often think either in terms of luxury or poverty.  Turns out it is neither of these but emphatically both. 

There are a lot of horses in and around San Vito. I didn’t get a photo of my favorite encounter so you have to turn your imagination on. Picture this:  a white car driving down the road. Two men in the front seat. The man in the passenger seat has his window down and is holding a rope. Attached to the rope is a horse!  They are exercising the horse from the luxury of their air conditioned car!!  Hee Haw

Then there are the crazy looking cows with long floppy goat-like ears. We are used to seeing fattened cattle in the US, but here you see their ribs sticking out.  Never thought of a cow that way.
Driving along, following a curve, and this rock/cloud formation greets you. I had heard the term ‘cloud forest ‘ but until you actually drive up to the cloud layer and then above it, those words do not evoke an astounding image. Pondering the difference between clouds and fog. I came up with clouds are way above you and fog is when a cloud descends towards earth. I have NO idea if that’d correct but it is now my explanation and that’s that!!Speaking of strange vehicles and modes of transportation

Not Costa Rica but pretty darn funny!!!!!

I am in the US for a couple of weeks visiting kids. Currently in Houston with Trevor and Haley. Then onto Dallas to see Tyler, Annie, Cooper (5) and Morgan almost 4. Then off for Chicago to spend time with Aaron, Katie and Koa!!!I’ve experienced a feeling of overwhelm at the grocery stores. I picture a native Costa Rican with poor to none English skills

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Living in Costa Rica

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