On the Road Again-Costa Rica: Bug heaven/hell

Having grown up in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Raid was my friend.  Along with baby oil mixed with iodine to create a pre spray tan fake tan look.  I also had a sun lamp for my face so to insure the future of dermatology.  Anyhow from Longmeadow to San Vito, Costa Rica is indeed another world!  Here bugs are cute, not icky.  An intern here at the Wilson Botanic Garden Field Station was from Mexico.  Alma would pet and bugs that landed on the dining table during meals, while I am screaming and batting them all away.  Any wonder I am the preferred target for all that bite and sting?IMG_1421.jpgLet me tell you about the carpenter ant invasion.  That’s right not carpenter bees, but carpenter ants.  Sound harmless?   I have the huge, red, swollen, painful bites to insure otherwise!  Anyhow, thank god Greg was here otherwise I’d be in the looney bin.  All of a sudden we are inundated by hundreds of thousands of huge biting ants.  Within seconds the entire floor around our kitchen door is literally covered with ants the size of flies.  Greg grabbed the broom and started sweeping them out not quite as fast as they were coming in.  He was lucky enough to have shoes and socks on whereas I was barefoot-hence the tons of painful bites.  This went on for seemingly hours while actually about 20 minutes.  Then they mysteriously began to leave as they had come.  For those of you who know me know I hate alcohol, so when this was over and my hysterical screaming died down-I asked Greg for a gin and tonic!!  Fortunately I came to my senses before he had a chance to mix it.  

Come to find out these are called housekeeping ants here because they eat everything in their path, including other bug and assorted debris.  Good news is they ate the termites that were trying to take over as well!  Such is life in the cloud forest.

Author: ontheroadagaincostarica

Living in Costa Rica

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