On the Road Again-Haha Chicago 

My son Aaron is a professional photographer in Chicago. His company Phlearn is set up in a studio from which he teaches photography and photoshop and other computer programs. 

His staff ranges from CFO to video editor and a photo production team. Aaron writes and records all the tutorials speaking from experience. He and his team recently went to the California desert to shoot multiple scenes from which he developed photography tutorials. 

Then back at the Chicago studio comes the real work. Editing and writing the script for the tutorials and arranging the photo composition. 

Aaron is on the left with his wife Katie and cfo Seth on the right. 

My favorite part of the Phlearn studio is the kitchen. Work at Phlearn includes lunch prepared and served to the staff as well as a stocked refrigerator. The staff is happy to work longer and harder when they feel valued. 

Greatest gifts in the world are happy successful children. I’m so lucky to have three!

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